Are You Struggling to Find Reliable and Affordable Wheelchair Van Rentals?

Finding a dependable and cost-effective wheelchair-accessible van can be a significant challenge for individuals with mobility needs. Here at Rick Gordy Mobility we offer rentals on a short term or extended basis. Our rentals are for a wheelchair user as a passenger in the center of the van. Our van has a fold out manual ramp for ease of use. Your loved one can now attend those doctor appointments with ease, go on a vacation, attend those family re-unions, weddings, etc.  All the important life events you don't want to miss, nor should you.  Let our specialist at Rick Gordy Mobility arrange your rental and send you on your next adventure. 

Rental Information Needed

  1. Schedule your rental at least a week in advance, so we can gather and confirm your information.
  2. Furnish us with a copy of your drivers license on the front and back.
  3. Furnish us with a copy of your drivers insurance card the front and the back.
  4. Furnish us with a copy of your insurance declaration page showing us your coverage breakdown. You will need to contact your insurance company and have it emailed to the following people. ; &  Office: (980)499-5026

Note: While we prefer to have one main driver; if you must have two, we will need all of the above information for the 2nd.driver as well.

Terms and Conditions

  • A rental is $150 a day and includes 100 miles for each rental day. If you exceed that amount when your van is returned you will pay an additional .52 cents for every mile that exceeds the daily limit. 
  • Your van will be clean and full of gas at pick up, with the mileage listed on your contract at check out. You will be responsible for returning the van with a full tank of gas and making sure the van is free of trash or debris.
  • Renter are responsible for repairs and damages. Our rental van loss of use for not returning in the expected condition could also result in a loss of use rate of $175. a day.
  • Single Key issued. loss or key replacement will cost the renter $500.
  • Van are all Non-Smoking Vans, any odors of any kind demanding vigorous time for cleaning will cost the renter $90. an hour.
  • Each Rental comes with (4) retractable tie downs and (1) extended belt issued for the safety of the wheelchair user.
  • The renter is responsible for any Toll charges incurred during your rental. Failure to do so cost the toll free + $35. payable to:  Rick Gordy Mobility
  • It is the renters responsibility to provide our company with all the information requested. You will have to contact your insurance agent for your declaration page. 

At Rick Gordy Mobility LLC in Matthews, NC, we understand the importance of mobility independence. Our range of wheelchair-accessible vans are designed to meet various needs and budgets. Contact us today to find out how we can help you overcome your mobility challenges and regain your freedom!