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I’ve been driving from my wheelchair w/some hi tech equipment over 30 years now! Only Rick Gordy works on my equipment!! The best in the business!! Fair, honest & great guy that actually knows what he’s doing! Search no farther for your mobility mechanic, check Rick out!!

- Andy Arnette

Words cannot express how grateful I am for Rick and Greg at Rick Gordy Mobility. We have no one like them anymore in South Carolina. I now drive over 100 miles to get my van serviced by them, and it is absolutely worth it. They are like the mobility shops of old, with caring people who will bend over backward to make sure those of us with mobility problems can lead everyday lives. They do great work and do it for a fair price; unlike the heartless, faceless mobility company we have in SC, they don't exist to exploit unemployed, old and disabled people—they exist to help. Literally my only complaint about Rick Gordy Mobility is they aren't closer.

- Adam F. Naughton